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I'm Mie ("my" like pie), a queer enby hacker in the Bay Area. I use they/them and she/her pronouns.

Name and Pronouns

I also go by Astra too! Sometimes I write my name out as "Astra Mie" to include both.

In many hacker or online circles I also go by The Uber Kitten or UberKitten. Just a few names.

I'm known for hacking barcode scanners! I work at Cisco dealing with all things CyberArk.

I like to advocate for privacy and speak publicly about various projects I'm involved in.

My cat's name is Java!


Twitter: @t3hub3rk1tten

Discord: @UberKitten (they/she)#6669

Discord DMs preferred, Twitter DMs are okay, emails are the bane of my existence

Email: m at mwe.st

Feel free to ask for my Signal number!


Various articles and writing in a loosely organized anthology


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